Morocco Residency
Sefrou, Morocco: March 25- April 15

Le Tigre’s New Video “Im With Her”
Directed by Laura Parnes
with Animation Effects by Ana Wolovick

“This multi-layered work looks like it an apocalyptic newsreel that has jumped out of the time-space continuum and into the fourth dimension. Now, we can look down through a magic prism and a see a whole lot indeed– from the late 1600s when the Spaniards wiped out Mayan civilization to the post-World War II division of Germany, all the way up to now, when Trump Tower has taken on a whole new darkness. The painting seems to imply parallels between Nazi party imagery and American patriotic symbolism (are those Parteiadler at the top? or just eagles?) and there’s a clever connection between the Berlin Wall and Trump’s own plans to erect a wall.”

Editors’ Picks: 8 Art Events to See in New York This Week


PartA-PartB volume no.1 will be for sale at the NADA Shop at the NADA Art Fair in NY May 5-8

PartAB_photo2The cost will be $100 with 15% of the proceeds going to NADA (a non profit organization) and NADA members receiving an additional 20% off


The fifth of edition of NADA New York, May 5–8, 2016, will take take place at Basketball City, located at 299 South Street on the East River on the Lower East Side.

tickets for the fair are available at this link


Opening – Pop-up Show- Thursday March 10, 6-9pm
“Beware of a Holy Whore”
Splacer sponsored at 191 Henry St.
An Ida Schmid curation
Ana Wolovick, Andreas Korte, Brad Greenwood, Delia Gonzales, Ella Toth, Hannah Rose Dumes, Jen DeNike, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Marley Freeman, Molly Surno, Stephen Neidich, Wasteband
FB event


Participation in the benefit auction for The Shandanken Project


Participation in the Postcard Benefit Project at Cleopatra’s Greenpoint during Michel Auder’s showing of his film Cleopatra