PartA-PartB volume no.1 is a box set of digital prints from a selection of 24 artists, 8 writers plus a bonus 7” vinyl. The box set is 12″x 9″ and the prints are 8″x 10″. The edition size is 205. Printing was done by Brilliant Graphics and ComZone Printing. PartA refers to the actual object and PartB refers to the intellectual labor due everyone involved. All financial transactions are shared transparently with the participants and once the initial investors are repaid, any “profits” made will be shared equally by all. The edition was curated and produced by Ana Wolovick, with generous support from Alex Lemke and Robert Greene

Participants in volume1

Michel Auder
Michael Bauer
Bibi Calderaro
Miguel Cardenas
Leslie Moody Castro
Barb Choit
Tyler Coburn
Matthew Connors
Pia Dehne
Sara Eliassen
Mauro Giaconi
Sam Gordon
Frank Haines
Frank Heath
Isauro Huizar
Maya Jeffereis
Rose Kallal
Ignacio Gonzalez-Lang
Mariana Maduro
Jill Magid
Patrick Meagher
Andrea Merkx
Laura Parnes
John Pilson
John Pugh
Mariah Robertson
Harriet Salmon
Iva Simcic
Michael Stickrod
Elif Uras
Teseo Fournier West
Joseph Whitt
John Yau

Ana Wolovick (producer/publisher/curator)

Brilliant Graphics