Black Ball Projects is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization

Founded in 2015 as a space for artists by artists.

In 2019 we became an official 501(c)3 Non-Profit Arts Organization.
As of Spring 2024 our Board of Directors are: Palma Blank, Kelly Chang (President & Acting Executive Director), Damien Davis, Diana Delgado, Jac Lahav & Ana Wolovick Treasurer/Secretary. 

The Advisory Board is: Linus Borgo, Pia Dehne, Jen DeNike, Laleh Khorramian, Rachel Owens, Mika Rottenberg and Michele Snyder.
With wonderful Operational Management by Shabd Simon-Alexander.

Black Ball Project's mission is to serve and support contemporary artists who are underexposed and who have been working diligently on the periphery of the greater art world*. Diversity of all kinds, be it gender, racial, or economic, is at the core of our organization.

During the pandemic, Black Ball Projects re-organized from a physical gallery to an online platform, where we have presented online viewing rooms (solo and group shows) and promoted the works of the artists involved through our website, social media presence, and newsletters to the wider art world. In 2021, thanks to the many generous donations from our supporters, we were able to launch our inaugural micro-granting program, which gives direct financial support to artists in need. Black Ball Projects is currently funded solely through independent donations and sales of donated works from participating artists.

*Criteria for Support: Artistic excellence, mature practice, underexposed. What does “underexposed” mean? Black Ball Projects defines an underexposed artist as one who has been working diligently in their studio with a mature practice (10+ years) but with limited success or attention from the contemporary art world, or who has had setbacks to their art career due to life circumstances beyond their control.

Co-founded in October of 2015 by artists Ana Wolovick, Harriet Salmon and Jason Tomme.
Brian Wondergem co-Curated/ Directed the space with Wolovick from June 2017-2018.

See Black Ball Project's selected Press below: