Recent and Works-in-Progress

First Floor Living Room, Chandelier
Printed gauze with marker and pen on printed canvas
26.5 x 32 inches
Barbarano del Capo, 5x
Graphite on shogi paper
17 x 24 inches
My Newport Ass
mixed media on board
18 x 23.35 inches

101st. st. c.1989 with my 47 yr. old ass

BDC map, diagonal
Graphite on shogi paper
18 x 20 inches
Work-in-Progress, 2023 -
Mixed media on printer canvas
BDC map no.1
Graphite on shogi paper
18 x 17 inches
Work-in-Progress, 2023 -
Mixed media on printed canvas
Torre Vado, (Morciano di Leuca Comune Mappa)
Graphite on shogi paper
18 x 24 inches
King Max
mixed media on panel
21.25 x 17 inches
Barbarano del Capo, (Morciano di Leuca Comune Mappa)
Graphite on shogi paper
17 x 23.5 inches
Central Portion With Laurels (Green Painting)
Acrylic, oil, enamel and spray paint with pen and acetate on canvas in artist’s frame
22 x 28 x .75 inches
Re-Construction (Green Painting)
Acrylic, oil, enamel and spray paint with moldable glue on canvas backed with balsa wood
27 x 18.25 x .25 inches
Construction with Morocco
Digitally printed nylon-lycra, cotton and silk, acrylic and spray paint, 3D wood construction with glue on stretcher bars
14 x 14 x 2.75 inches

The background is a scanned frottage drawing made on location in Sefrou, Morocco, while in Residence with Culture Vultures. Detritus from previous work is used throughout.

Fluorescent-Chartreuse Scarf
Digitally printed silk acrylic medium, masking tape with enamel and oil paint on canvas-panel
14 x 11 x 0.25 inches
Mozart’s Poontang
Digitally printed acetate, canvas, silk, with acrylic medium, ball-point pen, marker, enamel and oil paint on wood panel
13.25 x 12.5 x 1 inch
Building Christ
Digitally printed silk and acetate with acrylic gloss medium on masonite panel
20 x 16 x 0.25 inches
Il Conformista in Morocco
Digitally printed acetate, canvas, silk; acrylic medium, enamel, oil and spray paint on wood panel with plastic debris-element attached to back
18 x 19 x 1 inch
Spray-paint with Monuments
Spray paint on digitally printed canvas
25.15 x 38 x 0.13 inches

Created with photographs of monuments taken on-site of Goethe- German Poet/Philosopher in Frankfurt, Germany; Cuauhtémoc- the last Aztec Emperor in CDMX, Mexico; and John Marshall- US Supreme Court Judge in Washington DC, USA.

Fachwerk no.1
Digitally printed nylon-lycra and silk embedded in acrylic medium on stretcher bars with 3D wood elements behind
12.5 x 19 x 2.5 inches
Large Crises
Tapestry: Digitally printed poly-mesh, cotton, silk and canvas, grommets, acrylic, oil, spray paint and pen
96 x 63 inches
Herr Fachwerk
3D-Wall-Collage in 3 parts: Top: 3-Spray-painted stenciled acrylic panels leaning against one another; Middle: Stretched digitally printed lycra with acetate and gloss medium; Bottom: Digitally printed canvas and cotton with enamel paint and ball point pen
44 x 24.5 x 2 inches

The imagery used is from a psychedelic doily pattern, two digitally constructed repeatable patterns; one created from images of fachwerk taken on-site in Germany, the other from a photograph of marble columns from inside the Munich Residenz.

What Goes Around Comes Around
Digitally printed fabrics, and mixed media
site specific – variable
Wall tapestry; digitally printed photograph on canvas with stained ink silk and acrylic spray gloss
73 x 35 inches

Created with photographs taken on-site in Titusville, FL. At the U.S. Space Walk of Fame, Gemini Monument.

Mozart in Multiplicity
Dye-sublimation aluminum print
20 x 16 x 1/8 inches

The imagery to create this work is from many photographs taken on-site of a statue of Mozart. The images were algorithmically aligned by Photoshop and printed onto aluminum using the dye-sublimation process.